“Affiliate Marketing”

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Affiliate marketing is one of the many REAL ways to make sufficient income online.


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I’m sure you are probably still wondering 

“What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?”

well… let me explain..

Affiliate Marketing  is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer (Walmart, Target, Alibaba) pays commission ($!!!) to an external website (your very own website, made by you!)


  • Your website will attract visitors or customers (traffic) to these larger retailers.
  • The customers that you have attracted will then lead to sales.
  • The traffic from your websites become referrals that ultimately purchase product from the promoted company.
  • When you successfully lead customers to purchase from these companies you will start to see the income flowing!!!

In even easier to understand words:

As an Affiliate Marketer, You are going to:

Create your very own niche website that advertises products from widely known retailers.

Therefore, by creating sales for the promoted company you will be earning passive income from your promoting and advertising.

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You can literally begin your business today without physically having any products!

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