Affiliate Marketing is an amazing eye opener for anyone hoping to create and earn online.

Basically, what you are doing is advertising for someone elses brand or business.

Most businesses, brands, and companies have affiliate programs that you are able to FREELY join.

Once you join their affiliate program you will be provided a special link. This link is going to tell them every time someone orders from them because of something you shared or advertised!

Usually at the bottom of every brands website you will find something that says “affiliates” or something similar. You will click on it and as I said, freely join the program.

Amazon has a highly rated affiliate program, as well as Click bank. Click bank has many genres and categories to choose from.

So, find the product or brand that you believe in, support, and trust, and join their program. Start sharing and talking about them online, on Facebook, on your website (if you have one), and watch the earnings soar!

How simple and amazing is that? Just share, advertise, and earn!

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