I wonder if any of you can relate to this. Today, while, continuing to work on my websites, I realized that there are so many moments where I literally think to myself “Why do I believe that I could actually accomplish something like this? Maybe I need to give up.”

As this thought passed through my mental stream of confusion, I just couldn’t help but wonder where does that silent but powerful thought come from? I then began to wonder how many other creators, like myself, have to fight off the same soul crushing thoughts.

I deeply believe with every piece of me that affiliate marketing and advertising is a sure way to make an income. I know that we all can accomplish this. With proper training and the curiosity to learn, anyone can do this!

I, myself, have just hardly started creating websites and to my surprise, I get visitors to my pages! It may be few and far between but, still, I am reaching some people out there, somewhere. I hope that the things I have created will somehow help you to keep going and trying.

I know that there are so many other people like me who are interested in owning online businesses and making money online. I know that somewhere out there, are beginner entrepreneur minded people, like me, anxious to learn and create that financial cushion that also ignites their soul and helps others all at once!

All that being said, if the value in my site is here, if the people who need the information are out there in cyber world, then who the heck says that I cannot create the needed resources that these people need?

When I say “these people”, I, again, am referring to those people who are just like me. Affiliate marketing beginners! People like YOU, the ones who are willing to invest time into learning and then trying hard to do something with meaning.

People like YOU and I are the lucky ones who believe in the ability we possess to create things. We believe we can build things that most of today’s people find unrealistic or unimaginable. We are DREAMERS!

I believe that we all can do this! We can build unique websites online and teach others to follow their hearts too! We do this by succeeding and then showing the way. Teaching others to KEEP GOING and lifting their spirits helps us at the same time.

We each possess this ability to succeed in our business ideas. I CHOOSE to believe in my success even on the days where I literally have NO idea which direction to go, what to sell, what not to sell, who to advertise to, or how to get traffic to my website.

If so many other people are out there accomplishing their dreams online, so can WE!

Instead of wallowing in our own pity and almost falling for the trickery of doubting ourselves, remind yourself that you can do this, and that you are doing it!

Me, myself, when I get to the point of almost giving up, I open up my Wealthy Affiliate training account and watch another educational video!

I am a nerd at heart haha, what can I say?! When in doubt, learn more! This always always amps me up and gets me right back into “let’s do this mode.” Find what does that for you!

My goal is to become so good at affiliate marketing and web development that I can one day help other people (hopefully lots and lots of people) to discover how to do the same.

I stand behind this truth, that when our dreams and passions involve helping others, the rest automatically becomes so much easier. Success is always more attainable when we are others centered!

Truth is, our lives are only going to become whatever we CREATE them to be y’all. Our creations will only be as great as we can imagine them to be! So dream big and then TRY! It’s easy to dream but harder to actually try.

Choose to turn up the volume on the voice in your heart saying “I GOT THIS!” Stop listening to that negative other voice that tends to kill our spirits and tempt us to give up! The nagging voice that shuts us down will never go away, but we can learn to tell it to shut up.

We can override our doubt with positivity and hope. Talking to others and hearing about their struggles and successes is also a huge benefit to those of you in the web development process.

The image above is a perfect example of the attitudes you can find within Wealthy Affiliates. I truly cannot put a price on it.

Wealthy Affiliate offers that HUGE community of people that are all in the same boat as us! Real people with real affiliate marketing and business creating problems just like our own.

There is so much to be gained from the community of people at Wealthy Affiliates. Below is another example of how one man took the time to help me with my website development. Here is a person who was able to build my spirits back up and nudge me to keep working! He is one of us, someone developing and creating all while learning step by step.

We can accomplish whatever we put our hearts into.

If we can just keep on going, keep on writing and dreaming, keep on caring for others, eventually the day will come where we can sit back and look at our world impacting creations like, “Wow, I did this!”

Anything is possible, and I believe that with all of my heart!

Yours truly,

Brandi Rae at Passionate Affiliates.

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