Niche Picking seems to be a recurring pain point for beginner affiliates and entrepreneurs.

When I was just beginning my affiliate business journey, I found myself stumped on the whole NICHE picking thing.

For months, I could not decide what kind of products to sell or places to promote. I couldn’t choose! I remained stuck in indecisive confusion because (I think) the options seemed endless!

So, because of the enormous possibilities, I could not niche down and choose one single product.

I understand that there are many choices, options, items, or products that fly through your mind when you think niche. 

Narrowing Niche Options

I learned from the Wealthy Affiliates a technique called the ABC method. Go into your google search bar and type the word of your niche idea + the letter A.

For example, say that I want to sell pens, I would go to google search bar and type exactly this: “Pens A”, this will generate a bunch of ideas underneath the search bar, (things that google thinks you are looking for). Skim through them and write down anything that seems like you could monetize from it. Go through the alphabet and keep searching. Next type your word + the letter B, and so on.

Believe it or not, this actually will significantly help create those ideas you are seeking.

Coming Up With Your Evergreen Niche/Product

So, now that we have confirmed and established that there are overwhelming amounts of options and directions in which to go with your business, let’s try to narrow things down.

I have always read and been taught that if your business is created based on a personal passion, gift, or talent (something that you love or enjoy doing) you have higher potential to succeed.\


Because you enjoy the niche already, you could passionately develop a business that genuinely impacts others. You won’t become burnt out with the content development for your website if you choose something that gets you excited and fired up!

I suggest that you make a list of your passions, hobbies, talents, anything that you enjoy.

Also, make a list of the things that people have said you are good at.

Make a list of things you want to become good at.

Look at your list, think of ways that you could develop a website that could help the audience (people who also enjoy these things). Come up with an idea that involves your passion.

Realize that certain things go in and out of style. Do not choose something that will no longer be in demand or necessary a month later. You want to choose a genre that we call “evergreen”. This means that your product or choice of business will never go out of style and will always be needed. It involves a product that many people need and it is not going out of style.

How horrible would it be to spend time creating a business that eventually will be of no need or use!?

Think about the things that you, yourself, have searched and wished that you could find.

Think of the pain points you have faced in this particular passion and then develop solutions to these things!

Researching Your Niche Will Help You to Come Up With More Ideas

Researching your niche will help you to come up with more ideas. When you finally decide on a certain niche, genre, or a direction that you want to go into with your business ventures, it is vital that you research the topic, keywords, and competition!

You have to fully understand what you are up against, or not up against. Maybe you are thinking of a niche that is not overly saturated and could do really well, but it is also possible that your idea could be over saturated (too many other people in your choice niche). This would make ranking on google extremely difficult.

This doesn’t mean you need to change your niche, it simply means you gotta niche down and be more specific with your business ideas. You want to create a unique and useful website.

Investigate Your Competition

Research The Ways in Which your competitors are Succeeding/Not Succeeding. Look into the other businesses online that represent the same genre or niche. Not only will you gain ideas by doing so, you will be able to develop different ways to become more of a unique brand.

You can look into the comments sections on these websites and search for repeated problems that your audience is facing. Take these problems and create the answer or the way to help them in this area.

When you understand the pain points and problems your potential customers are facing, you can then come up with a resolution!

When you are offering your customer the solutions to their problems, be ready to watch your traffic and sales soar!

You Have a Unique Idea!

You have unique ideas, unlike anyone else! Ideas that could help other people in the world. CREATE IT!

I was really affected by something that I once read somewhere, it went something like this:

Even if it seems as though your niche or idea is already all over the web, it doesn’t matter!

You have something unique to offer the world. There will always be space online for your creations and business ideas! All you have to do is focus on finding out what everyone else is doing and then do something different!

The world needs your solutions, ideas, and products! Don’t be greedy and keep them to yourself!

Dream Big!

Sincerely Yours,

Brandi Coulter, Creator of Passionate Affiliates

Please feel free to leave comments and ideas below!

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