How to Spot the Scams….

I realize that today, in 2019, it’s often times difficult to know when your looking at a scam or if you’ve landed on a genuine money-making opportunity.

Have you ever been in a situation where you pay for something that a site marketed or advertised and then receive nothing that was in the advertisement? 

I, personally, am a victim to some of the craziest, most expensive scams out there!  It does not feel good to be the person who got fooled!

These false advertisements are made by professionals and man, oh man, can they can be so enticing!

The people who create the scams that innocent people fall victim to are professionals! They know what we want and they pretend they hold the key to financial stability.  (Also known as, “Get rich quick” schemes!)

Sadly, without researching the brand at hand, you could find yourself in this situation more times than not. 

*It’s always a great idea to do diligent RESEARCH before filling out forms and especially before pulling out the credit card!

*Its also wise to take a look at the REVIEWS for the company in question!

There will be good and bad reviews of course, but you will have a better idea of pros vs cons.

Type the company in question into your google bar and then add the word “scam”


Type into a search something like this-

Wealthy Affiliates (+)Scam”

Doing this is going to pull up many reviews and articles about the company you are researching! 

Also, I have learned that if you find a believable company but cannot locate the name of the creator or the owner of the brand, RUN!

A lot of the schemes and lies are made without a name attached so that no one can take the blame when s**t hits the fan! 

Do research guys! Do not be the one begging to get a refund from these professional liars! Be careful in choosing and buying things! 

All in all, if you research, you are way less likely to be sitting in this kind of predicament!  

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